School Nurse for WisdomQuest, Middle School, Van Allen, Salem, Preschool


School Nurse for High School, Lincoln, Harlan, Preschool

Henry County Public Health will be offering Immunization Clinics at the Middle School and High School to meet new immunization requirements for all current 6th and 11th grade students.  These requirements have been set by the State of Iowa and will need to be completed BEFORE the beginning of next school year.  If you received a letter in the mail, your child will need to receive the following immunizations:

  • Current 6th Grade:  Will need Tdap and Meningococcal Vaccine.  Vaccine Clinic will be at the Middle School on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 during Advisory.  Please return Consent form to the Middle School by April 26, 2017.  

  • Current 11th Grade:  Will need a Meningococcal Vaccine.  Vaccine Clinic will be at the High School on Friday, May 12, 2017 during Advisory.  Please return the Consent Form to the High School by April 26, 2017.  

You may also take your child to Henry County Public Health or their physician for these vaccines.    Please call us at your child’s school or Central Office (385-7750) if you have any questions.

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